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Expanding Your Living Space With Granny Flats

Denis and his wife love the idea of their four kids together with their spouses coming over for Christmas almost every year. There is never-ending fun and activity, especially due to the boisterousness of their grandchildren. However, the aging couple has realised that coming up with an effective sleeping arrangement for their brood is growing rather difficult each year. Recently, they have heard about cheap granny flats and how they can conveniently increase living space for those in circumstances like theirs.

Cheap Granny Flats

A granny flat is an extension of a house, often built on the same plot of land, but which is self-contained nonetheless. It can be considered to be a smaller house on the same property and may even have its own yard fenced off for more privacy. Today, these dwelling units have risen in popularity and there are many companies that build granny flats cheap for home owners.

Much as they are usually a lot smaller than the main house, these cheap granny flats are built to offer the comforts of any conventional home. Depending on the design that suits a home owner’s needs, the granny flat usually has a bedroom, bathroom, living area, kitchenette and a laundry room.

The varied conveniences offered by granny flats

  • The granny flat can be used by aging parents to stay near their children, but without compromising their independence and privacy. They can get the care they need and still have a place to conveniently retire to for serenity.
  • Granny flats are also becoming popular to homeowners who need a little extra income on the side. One can occupy the main house while renting out the granny flat to a person who might not need much room. This can especially be convenient to a young adult who is just getting started out in life and wants the independence of having his own place.
  • Cheap granny flats are also a great way to add to the value of your home. They can come in handy when selling out your property as it will fetch you a lot more compared to what the single, main house could bring in.
  • Obviously, granny flats offer a bit more room for a family and thus, for couples like Denis and his wife, entertaining guests who come to stay for a few days is made a lot easier.

Depending on the need for a granny flat, it is important to thoroughly scrutinise the floor plans on offer by the company you wish to contract for the job. For instance, if the additional space will be used by your aging parents, then you might consider building the bedroom ensuite with the bathroom. The distance between granny flat and the main house could also be determined by the expected occupants of the living unit.

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