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Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Polishing

During concrete polishing, the floor surface is changed with intention of improving its overall condition. A polished surface acquires a modern and sophisticated appearance. During this procedure, imperfections are done away with, surface smoothened and a sealer applied to ensure the new look is protected. Although concrete polishing Brisbane builders perform today is fairly a straight forward process, plenty of time and physical labor are required.



Procedure followed during concrete polishing process


Concrete evaluation


At this point, the area to be polished is investigated in order to determine the degree of hardness. Appropriate tools are used so as to acquire accurate information. Using appropriate household detergent, bristle brush and warm water, the area to be serviced is washed. It is then allowed to dry after the cleaning process. Cracks present are repaired with the help of the right concrete crack filler. See more at Topline Floor Care


Acquiring basic tools and materials


Concrete grinder is an important facility you may need in the course of this procedure. You can either rent or buy one from a hardware store near you. Choose the facility that you can easily use to ensure you do not experience challenges when working. Dusk masks, helmet, ear plugs, safety goggles, work shoes and gloves are some of protective facilities you may require before you start working.


Grinding concrete surface


Professionals, who provide services such as concrete polishing in Brisbane, start the procedure with the coarsest disc. They prefer using diamond discs simply because they are extremely hard and perform excellently. Most specialists in concrete polishing Brisbane has at present commence the process using 40-grit grinding disc especially if there is need to remove stain, sealer and other contaminants that do not wash off with ease.


Before you start working with the acquired grinder, read through instructions provided by the manufacturer. This will help you know how to attach the discs into the machine and how to power it. Pass over every part of the area being dealt with. Exchange the disc regularly in the course of this procedure until desired results are attained.


Hardening and solidifying the concrete


During this stage, a particular liquid chemical is sprayed over the concerned surface as a hardener. It helps the concrete to solidify. Professionals, who offer services like Brisbane concrete polishing, use different types of chemicals in the course of the process. They are required to follow instructions provided by the manufacture to the letter when applying densifier. Shop vac is used to remove debris and dust, which may be found over the concerned area.


Buffing and sealing


During this step, grinding disc is removed from the grinder and burnishing pad attached. The grinder is then passed over the concrete surface so as to smoothen it. However, intended results can only be acquired if the procedure is performed by the right specialist in concrete polishing Brisbane has.

Seal the surface with the help of either solvent-based or water based sealer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions during the process otherwise intended results may not be realized. The surface is then burnished once more and it should not be used until it dries completely. For you to find Concrete Polishing Brisbane experts provide, you need to research comprehensively.