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Condo in Pattaya – A Worthy Investment in Property

Modern housing units like the condos have become the norm rather than the exception. Most new constructions in the upmarket residential segment cater to this class of people for whom the home has to be comfortable, with some beautiful views from the balcony and built to perfection. Thailand has many condominiums coming up all over. For a customer looking for a condo in Pattaya, the options are really attractive.

Grow Vertical with All Facilities

With land availability shrinking by the day and cost of land also beyond the reach of many, the best way for cities to expand is to build high rise residential units, and condos are the ideal choice. You will usually find around 500 apartments built in one tower. There could be more than one tower also depending on the space availability. The builders of these huge buildings have enormous experience and offer international level quality construction and facilities in the condos.

For the record, the normal plans have 1 and 2 bedroom condos with some variations in the layout and overall living space. The smallest single bedroom unit with one bedroom, one bathroom, living room, open type kitchen and a balcony would be around 28 to 29 square meters. The condo in Pattaya of a bigger size would be available with a living space of around 70 square meters with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 balconies.

Learn the Rules and Practices

If you are not a citizen of Thailand but would like to buy one of these condos, you can find out the rules with regard to owing properties by a foreigner. You might have to rope in a local Thai resident to make the transaction receive official sanction and the property registration done.

If the construction is not complete, you can still make a booking and pay part of the amount and wait till the condos are ready for possession. You can also get financing for the condo in Pattaya, if you desire; again, subject to all the conditions being met. The builder or the company selling you the property will be able to guide you on all these matters.

Maintenance of the Condos also Available

One factor buyers of such condos anywhere would like to know about would be regarding the arrangements the builders of the condos make for you after handing over of the property to the buyers. Also, these condos will be occupied by either the buyers or their tenants. Then there could be issues related to sanitation and other utility related services, electrical, plumbing and so on while they are in occupation of the same. Hence, some of the reputed builders create local communities to manage these services. This is a universal practice of providing facility maintenance services to the residents for a fee. This makes it easy for the residents to lead a simple and comfortable life without having to worry about minor aspects. The amenities, like a garden, children’s play area and others make the investment in a condo worth every Baht.